Red Hat Summit 2007 call for sessions

The Red Hat Summit 2007 is coming up in May. This year, the Fedora Project is sharing a track called "Leading Edge" with projects like Mugshot and OLPC.

Donald Fischer, Chris Blizzard, and I are the point people for determining what sessions will be in this track. There are 12 sessions total that we need to fill, but the breakdown between the three projects (or any other sessions we think would be interesting) is not set in stone. We've been requested to have a preliminary idea by the 19th, but that's really just "here's some promising speakers/potential topics" sort of deadline.

Anyway, from the Fedora perspective, I'd like to get some community folks giving a few of the talks, so if you are interested in putting together a proposal for a session, please get in touch.

Sessions are 1 hour in length. In the past the most popular format has been 45 minutes of presentation, 15 minutes for Q&A. Some of the best sessions last year were the sessions that were purely Q&A, or involved/encouraged heavy audience participation.

Any questions, please ping me, blizzard, or dff.

Max Spevack
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