SageTV Announces Support for AMD LIVE! Home Cinema And Home Media Server

SageTV, LLC, a leading developer of PVR, Media Center and Placeshifting software solutions, today announced support for AMD's recently announced AMD LIVE! Home Cinema and Home Media Server consumer electronics platform designs.

Meeting the needs of today's consumers, the popular AMD LIVE! Solution helps them access their digital media virtually anytime, anywhere regardless of file format or device form factor. The AMD LIVE! Home Cinema and Home Media Server platforms provide a compelling new combination of features, integration and value for the digital home market. Delivering a great customer experience with convenience and quality requires a powerful and flexible system solution that combines hardware and user-friendly software.

The AMD LIVE! Home Cinema with SageTV Media Center can provide complete PVR, Online Video, Music and Photo access on the TV screen at the press of a remote. The software also enables Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers as well as set-top boxes to connect to the Home Cinema at home or away with the same interface and features that are on the familiar TV.

SageTV's Media Server software on the AMD LIVE! Home Media Server provides a compelling solution for personal storage of private data with flexible and easy to use data sharing. The SageTV Media Server running on the AMD LIVE! Home Media Server platform enables printer sharing and a built-in PDF printer to create PDF files from any printable document, as well as FTP serving in the home and server based backup of shared network folders. SageTV Media Server can easily combine all the media on the home network in one interface that's available on any TV, PC or Mac screen anywhere.

The SageTV Media Center and SageTV Media Server software for AMD LIVE! Home Cinema and AMD LIVE! Home Media Server is available for evaluation. Please contact SageTV at or 310-417-5028 for more information.

About SageTV
SageTV, LLC is a pioneer in personal video recording, home media center and home media server technologies that combine television, music and related media into a complete, easy-to-use home media experience controlled from an existing PC. SageTV Media Center, the company's flagship product, can be deployed on either Linux, Windows or Mac, and supports multiple tuners, networking and intelligent recording. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Inglewood, CA. For more information, visit