YouTube on Neuros OSD

Neuros announced that it’s releasing a beta version of a YouTube browser for its award-winning Neuros OSD. With this release, the device can now be used to easily browse and play the entire YouTube video collection on any TV, both standard and high definition. Functionality already in this release includes keyword searching and browsing by category and rating.

Future releases will bring user interface improvements and added functionality such as sharing, subscriptions, and much more. This application was made possible by Neuros worldwide community of open source developers. These developers work closely with Neuros internal team, and their contributions are quickly incorporated into the company’s releases. “Everybody wins with open source”, said Neuros software chief, Michael Gao. “Our users benefit because our products are continuously improving and have built-in obsolescence protection; our developers get their efforts recognized and included in official releases; and, of course, we get to provide a really cool product and user experience.” Neuros is providing this initial YouTube-enabled release in order to receive early feedback on usability and new feature requests. Such feedback is fundamental to the Neuros product development process and will guide and speed the launch and enhancement of this and other applications in the future.

With the success of this release, Neuros is now planning even more frequent releases. “The amazing pace of change in Internet media is driven by users”, said Neuros CEO Joe Born. “The only way for a device manufacturer to keep pace is to allow those same users to participate in development.” Though this release is perhaps its most exciting to date, “it’s just the beginning”, said Born. “We’ve got a number of user interface enhancements and fixes already under way that are making the OSD an increasing pleasure to use, and we also look forward to bringing an array of exciting connectivity tools to the Neuros OSD in the coming weeks and months.” As always, users can download this software update for free directly from the Company’s website here or automatically from the OSD using the product’s built-in software update feature.

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