Florida Linux Show 2008

The board members of the Florida Linux Show 2008 have elected Jacksonville, Florida as the city to hold the 2008 Conference and Exhibition. This year's show will focus on moving from IPv4 to IPv6, Greener PCs, Linux and your desktop, Linux Certification, and much more. This year's show promises to be an exciting one with invitations to Florida's Governor Charlie Crist, Linux International's John "Mad Dog" Hall (inivitation accepted), Author Greg Schulz(inivitation accepted) "Resilient Storage Networks", and many others.

The location for the Florida Linux Show 2008 is the University of North Florida, University Center and this a one day event will be held on February the 11th, 2008. Multiple speaker sessions will be available, along with both local and national exhibitors that will provide product demonstrations for traditional and non-traditional Linux products.

Purchase of hardware and software depending on your platform will be available to businesses and the general public. This year's show has both a business-to-business and a business-to-customer arm, ensuring that all areas of the Linux community are equally represented.

This show will bring Information Technology professional from all levels, such as, Linux gurus, network specialist, program managers, software developers, business & systems analysis, as well as, Linux beginners and enthusiasts, and folks who want to provide an affordable long term software solution for both their households and business.