Open Solutions Alliance to Congregate at OSCON

The Open Solutions Alliance (OSA), a nonprofit, vendor-neutral consortium dedicated to driving interoperability and adoption of comprehensive open solutions, today announced it is hosting the first in its series of Interoperability Hack-a-Thons at O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Ore., July 23 – 27, 2007.

The OSA Hack-a-Thon at OSCON will focus on Single Sign-On (SSO) and begins Tuesday, July 24 at 1:30 p.m. in rooms D129 and D130. It will continue on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons in the lunch area. The Hack-a-Thon is a unique opportunity for the developer, vendor and user communities to collaborate real-time on OSA's interoperability workgroup efforts. Participants can expect to learn about and contribute to the latest developments for SSO and apply them to specific applications.

All OSCON attendees, including free exhibit-only pass-holders, are invited to participate. To register, please visit: Developers can also participate virtually at the OSA SSO Hack-a-Thon Project site:

“The OSA was formed to speed deployments of integrated, interoperable open solutions for business users,” said Barry Klawans, OSA board member and chief technology officer at JasperSoft. “The community, specifically the collaboration among all the ecosystem participants, is the backbone for these efforts and we’re looking forward to rolling up our sleeves, addressing single sign-on and having some good old fashioned fun at OSCON this year.”

Developers interested in participating in the OSA Hack-a-Thon can prepare in advance by having their application of choice pre-installed on their laptop. Tools and documentation will be available soon at the Hack-a-Thon Project site. For participants who are unable to download these materials in advance, the OSA will provide an introductory tutorial at the beginning of the July 24 session.

Find out more about the OSA Hack-a-Thon at or by visiting the OSA’s OSCON booth # 914.