Weekly Wrap-up: The Hottest Linux community stories for the week July 14 2007

Here is the Linuxlookup.com weekly wrap-up, some of the hottest stories in the Linux community this week were...

- Openmoko goes live

- Novell statement on Microsoft’s GPLv3 position

- Intel invests in VMware

- GPLv3 attracts 116 projects in first week

- Mandriva advances into Korea, the IT hub of Asia

- How Microsoft conquered China

- Ubuntu Dell is $225 More Than Windows Dell

- Linux Creator Calls GPLv3 Authors 'Hypocrites' As Open Source Debate Turns Nasty

- BBC Trust to hear open sourcers' iPlayer gripes

- OpenMoko already facing difficulties?

- 1st Asian Nation to Adopt Open Software Standards

- Updates to Dell Linux Software Repositories

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