Samsung Linux printer driver modifies the permissions of many executables

After installing the Samsung Linux printer drivers of April 2007, many applications, like, open themselves with root permissions. The link shows that the installation script replaces some applications with a setuid script.

In the source of the script of instalaltion of the drivers, one can see:

wrap_setuid_third_party_application xsane wrap_setuid_third_party_application xscanimage wrap_setuid_ooo_application soffice wrap_setuid_ooo_application swriter wrap_setuid_ooo_application simpress wrap_setuid_ooo_application scalc


wrap_setuid_third_party_application () {yew echo “$1” | grep - Q”/“; then APP_NAME=$1 else APP_NAME= `which $1 2> /dev/null `fi NEW_NAME=$ {APP_NAME} .bin yew test - N “$APP_NAME”; then yew! test - F “$NEW_NAME” &&! test - D “$NEW_NAME”; then mv “$APP_NAME” “$NEW_NAME” CP - af /opt/ $ {VENDOR} /mfp/bin/suwrap “$APP_NAME” chown root: root “$APP_NAME” chmod 4755 “$APP_NAME” fi fi} wrap_setuid_ooo_application () {WRAPPING_BIN= `ls /usr/lib */*/program/$1.bin /opt/ */program/$1.bin 2> /de v/null | head -1 `yew test - N “$WRAPPING_BIN”; then $ {2} wrap_setuid_third_party_application $WRAPPING_BIN fi}

Thus approximately it copies you achievable the ooo in /opt with the extension .bin and it replaces them to you by a script setuid which call them. I never saw such a horror.