Weekly Wrap-up: The Hottest Linux community stories for the week July 21 2007

Here is the Linuxlookup.com weekly wrap-up, some of the hottest stories in the Linux community this week were...

- Google Linux Software Repositories

- SAP Certifies Its Applications To Run On Red Hat

- The OOXML Translator is a Hoax (and so is the ISO)

- Linux MPX Multi-touch Table May Become Free DIY Microsoft Surface One Day

- Samsung Linux printer driver modifies the permissions of many executables

- Interview with Linus Torvalds

- SAP Certifies Its Applications To Run On Red Hat

- Oracle and Symantec Certify Veritas Data Center Solutions on Oracle Enterprise Linux

- OpenSolaris ZFS vs. Linux ext3 RAID5

- HP and MIT Team Up On Open Source Archiving

- Ubuntu Gutsy Tribe 3 ALPHA Released

- Mandriva & Intel Showcase the Intel-powered classmate PC

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