Weekly Wrap-up: The Hottest Linux community stories for the week July 28 2007

Here is the Linuxlookup.com weekly wrap-up, some of the hottest stories in the Linux community this week were...

- Debian swirl logo used in PA State Museum gift shop

- New Study Shows Enterprises Evaluate on Windows, Deploy on Linux

- The ‘Cost’ of GPLv3 is the Loss of All Threats to Free Software

- Is the $100 laptop the end for Moore's Law?

- Sun exec accuses Microsoft of 'patent terrorism'

- Ubuntu lives in a closed system

- Why desktop Linux fails in big organizations

- Seven RFID Organizations Support Open-Source

- Spread the word, share this ODF artwork

- Microsoft launches Open Source site

- SourceForge Announces 2007 Community Choice Awards Winners

- Wine 0.9.42 Released

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