Weekly Wrap-up: The Hottest Linux community stories for the week June 16 2007

Here is the Linuxlookup.com weekly wrap-up, some of the hottest stories in the Linux community this week were...

- Reiser Murder Trial Set To Begin

- Why the Dell/Ubuntu Deal Won't Improve Linux's Market Share

- Microsoft Spits in GPL Creator Richard Stallman's Eye

- Mandriva signs the AFUL petition "Non aux racketiciels" against tied sales

- Linux x86 growth outpaced by Microsoft Windows

- Open source 'not relevant', claim CIOs

- Novell Unveils Workgroup Suite for Small Businesses

- Danger Deep 0.3.0 Released

- Open standards advocate comes out in favor of Microsoft

- Flash Player 9 Update 3 Beta

- Wine 0.9.39 Released

- Skype for Linux 1.4 Beta

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