Slightly changed openSUSE 10.2 ISOs Released

Today the openSUSE team is releasing slightly changed openSUSE 10.2 ISO images. The reason for putting out those updated ISOs is a license issue, which had to be addressed. The following ISOs have be replaced on the mirrors:

* openSUSE-10.2-GM-Addon-NonOSS-BiArch.iso
* openSUSE-10.2-GM-Addon-NonOSS-ppc.iso
* openSUSE-10.2-GM-DVD-i386.iso
* openSUSE-10.2-GM-DVD-ppc.iso
* openSUSE-10.2-GM-DVD-x86_64.iso

In addition to that, the following torrents will be updated and restarted:

* openSUSE-10.2-GM-Addon-NonOSS-BiArch.torrent
* openSUSE-10.2-GM-Addon-NonOSS-ppc.torrent
* openSUSE-10.2-GM-DVD-i386.torrent
* openSUSE-10.2-GM-DVD-ppc.torrent
* openSUSE-10.2-GM-DVD-x86_64.torrent

To lift some load off our mirrors, we have decided to just remove these ISOs and torrents:


* openSUSE-10.2-RC1_GM-DVD-i386.torrent
* openSUSE-10.2-RC1_GM-DVD-ppc.torrent
* openSUSE-10.2-RC1_GM-DVD-x86_64.torrent

Please refer to for downloading.