Comodo Releases Free Zero Touch Linux Server Suite

Comodo today the launch of Red Hat- and CentOS-based versions of their back office server suite, Zero Touch Linux (ZTL). ZTL is a complete suite of Linux server applications centrally controlled by a user friendly web-based interface. The new versions compatible with Red Hat and CentOS, join the existing Trustix Secure Linux based version - providing administrators with greater flexibility and choice.

ZTL takes a 'best of breed' approach by offering administrators industry-leading server software pre-configured on a choice of Linux distributions. It is available free of charge and can be downloaded in ISO format from ZTL can be immediately installed on network servers and is ideal for small businesses looking to achieve an easy way to migrate to a Linux driven back office infrastructure.

A single installation of ZTL brings under one umbrella a File Server, Print Server, Domain Controller, DNS, Mail Server, Web Mail, Database Server, Web Server, Proxy Server, DHCP server, Content Filtering Server and a Firewall. The package overcomes the traditional difficulties of deploying a Linux infrastructure by reducing the setup of multiple server types to a one time installation and configuration.

Zero Touch Linux uses a familiar Windows style GUI instead of a command line interface to administer Linux based servers. One benefit of this is that companies may not have to re-train IT personnel and can continue to utilize their existing Windows trained staff to administer their server infrastructure.
Features in brief:

* Highly intuitive GUI - ZTL's point and click interface vastly simplifies administration of Linux servers
* Ability to remotely install and configure Web, Mail, DNS, LAN, Database, Firewall and other server types
* SSL secure, web based interface means ZTL can be used to administer Linux servers from Windows workstations and clients
* Choice of Linux setups - the ZTL control panel and best of breed package selection is available as a pre-configured install with either Trustix Secure Linux, Red Hat or CentOS
* One click upgrades of all server packages - ZTL intelligently updates all packages in a particular deployment with one click

"Many businesses are aware that Linux is the most stable, secure and cost effective server operating system available - but are often reluctant to migrate because they also perceive Linux as difficult to configure and use." commented Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO Comodo, "Zero Touch Linux helps to ease this situation by providing a single clean install of an entire back office server infrastructure that is effortlessly managed through a central web interface."

Zero Touch Linux can be downloaded in ISO format with a free, lifetime license from the Comodo website at