Automated License Systems Deploys Levanta’s Intrepid X

Levanta announced that Automated License Systems (ALS) has successfully deployed Levanta’s Intrepid X Linux Data Center Automation solution as part of their initiative to control their data center operational costs, streamline the system management infrastructure, and prepare for the anticipated growth in the coming months. The Intrepid X delivers on-demand functionality, disaster recovery, system portability, complete change control, unattended active/passive fail-over, and interoperability with iSCSI or Fibre Channel SANs for diverse Linux environments.

ALS ( is the premier provider of automated recreational hunting and fishing licensing solutions and automated instant firearm purchase background checks in the US. At present, they offer recreational licensing for sixteen states and support more than 13,000 licensing agents each day, nationwide. In total, ALS accounts for 35% of all U.S. wildlife license sales and over 50% of all automated U.S. wildlife license sales. The licensing transactions that ALS facilitates represent over $250 million in state revenue each year.

ALS runs two data centers on Linux that handle approximately 3 million web transactions per month. The transactional data is replicated in real time to each data center. The Intrepid X has been deployed in production at ALS since early 2007.

“Prior to implementing the Levanta platform, we found that configuration changes that were being made in each data center were not always made exactly the same on every single server within each server farm, due mostly to human error,” said Rich Edwards, Director of Technical Operations at ALS. “If our infrastructure falters due to such errors, we lose revenue. High availability and quick re-purposing of servers in case of failure is absolutely core to our IT operations.”

Gartner estimates that 74% of all server failures are caused by incorrect software configurations, as a result of human errors, and that 50% of the time applications upgrades and rollout fail.

ALS selected Levanta’s turnkey Intrepid X after an extensive evaluation of solutions on the market.

“When our Linux team evaluated the Intrepid X, they were blown away by how easy it was to set up, configure, and deploy,” added Edwards. “The Intrepid X was by far the best option when it came to shortest time-to-implementation. It also scored high on the flexibility, recovery functionality, and reliability that our expansion plan mandates. We are extremely happy with Levanta’s solution.”

“As Linux becomes more prevalent in enterprise data centers, it is crucial to have management solutions that are designed specifically to address the unique challenges associated with Linux,” said Anil Uberoi, chief marketing officer at Levanta. “ALS was looking to implement error-free repeatable processes, based on proven best practices, for their business-critical services. We are pleased to see that our solution is helping ALS to further enhance the up-time and resiliency of their data center operation.”