Linux faces up to Microsoft

Even though the Microsoft platform now dominated the software market, Zemlin said the Linux platform would grow to offer a new alternative for software users.

"In the future there will be only two worlds of software - the open and the closed one - and I believe that the open world of Linux will grow rapidly as more and more countries adopt the platform to develop software," Zemlin said.

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux. As it believes the open-source model will transform software development by providing faster demand-side learning, higher quality, better security, shorter development cycles and lower prices than closed platform development models, it has a mission to promote, protect and standardise Linux by providing the unified resources and services needed for the open-source community to compete with closed platforms.

It's expected there will be around 200 million cellphones embedded with Linux coming to market by 2012, a growth rate of around 75 per cent.

Zemlin said that even though the open-source model would grow faster, it would not replace the closed system. Rather, it would take a greater share in the market. He also predicted that the market shares of the two would eventually become equal.