OKL4 now supports the ARMv6 architecture

Open Kernel Labs, a global provider of embedded systems software and virtualization technology, and part of the ARM Connected Community, announces that its flagship microkernel OKL4 now supports the ARMv6 architecture. ARM technology is at the heart of the worlds leading-edge mobile communications devices.

For demanding embedded-systems applications, such as in mobile phones requiring Digital Rights Management (DRM), the OKL4 microkernel helps ensure robust secure operation on ARM technology-based processors.

OKL4 supports the MMU and the cache architecture of the ARMv6 architecture. By utilizing its address space identifier ASID feature, OKL4 achieves fast context switching (by quickly storing and restoring the context of a CPU, multiple processes can more efficiently share a single CPU resource).

The OKL4 microkernel is available now from OK Labs at www.ok-labs.com under either an open source or commercial use license.

OKL4 is an advanced open source microkernel architecture providing virtualization, high performance IPC and support for user-level device drivers. This application of OKL4 demonstrates its ability to deliver smart phone features, at a fraction of the cost typical of most handsets, while significantly improving reliability, security, and trustworthiness with significantly less impact on performance than alternative approaches.