BT Joins Linux Phone Standards Forum

The Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum, adding to the growing momentum of standards-based mobile Linux, announced today that BT PLC [LSE: BT Group] has joined the consortium and will participate in the group's specification and standardization activities. BT membership in LiPS unites the global operator with peers like France Telecom / Orange and Telecom Italia, augmenting the Forum's already strong focus on delivery of high-value applications and services on Linux-based handsets.

Global carriers and operators like BT interface directly with end-users and are in sync with evolving market demands. BT's extensive global presence supports international and multi-national organizations in 170 countries, giving it unparalleled insight into requirements for services and device capabilities.“LiPS welcomes BT and anticipates valuable contributions to our working group activities,” commented Haila Wang, president of the LiPS Forum. “Our standardization efforts will benefit from BT's global carrier experience across dozens of markets and from BT's expertise as an operator serving hundreds of millions of users.” Matt Bross, BT Group Chief Technology Officer, commented, “At BT, we strive to deliver innovation at the speed of our customers' lives. To do this we must look beyond the boundaries of the organization to fuse internal and external innovation, and the LiPS Forum is a key enabler of this open innovation.”

LiPS Forum provides BT with opportunities to lower deployment and management costs through standardization, to maintain margins with faster, cost-effective services deployment and attractive customer value propositions, and to support innovative services with inter operable Linux-based devices.