Mandriva makes a complete Linux System accessible to all

The new high profile Powerpack 2008 edition breaks all price barriers with unique applications and services.

Exceptional new Powerpack pricing

Mandriva keeps on innovating with the release of Mandriva Linux
2008. Mandriva's policy of simplifying its new range of products
encompasses a new range of prices. Mandriva introduces Mandriva Linux
2008 Powerpack to download at a new price of 49 euro ($59 USD), compared
with the former price of 179 euro for the previous range of products. The
Powerpack product integrates essential commercial applications and
services providing a whole Linux solutions to individuals and home
office users. Mandriva Powerpack also integrates an exclusive set of
services such as a 3 months installation support and an unlimited
access to 2 exclusive online courses for new or experienced users.

New Powerpack subscription plan

A new subscription mode in the commercial Powerpack product will
provide users to install or upgrade their system and take advantage of
all the new technologies integrated in the Powerpack product.
Regarding this new pricing policy, the new subscription mode in the
Powerpack is the replacement of the former downloading services of the
Club. The 'community services' of Club platform will be now available
to all. This new plan is designed for users who want to stay tuned
with the latest Linux technologies. With the 2008 release, customers
can subscribe to this plan to download 2 Powerpack releases. This plan
is offered for only 59 euro per year ($69 USD).

Unique free-of-charge edition

This is the first time a major Linux editor is presenting all elements
such as drivers and plug-ins pre-installed for free to make life
easier to users. Thus, with the new 2008 release a complete and open
Linux desktop including all the proprietary software and plugins comes
for free. Mandriva One 2008 will be available for free downloading,
along with the 16,000 packages.


Boxed set and slim-DVD packages will be available to go on sale this
week in more than 140 countries. The box edition will be available on
pre-order at 69 euro ($89 USD, suggested retail price) as the slim-DVD
edition at 59 euro ($69 USD).