Sysopendigia demonstrates Linux based 3G Smartphone

SYSOPENDIGIA today announced that it will be demonstrating Linux based 3G Smartphone this week in Munich at Qtopia Mobile Communications Summit.

This technology demonstration has been built in order to study the different options of creating smartphone category devices based on open-source software components.

"Linux is a real option for device manufacturers and software companies to consider. Creating a working prototype of open source based smartphone gives us insight into the pros and cons of different options for smartphone creation." says Tuukka Turunen, Director, Special Projects from SYSOPENDIGIA.

"Looking into the different operating systems and software platforms suitable for smartphones Linux is certainly one of the most potential ones. Being able to directly leverage the software asset created for the desktop is a huge advantage for mobile Linux." continues Jari-Pekka Heikkilä, Vice President, Smartphone form SYSOPENDIGIA.

"Many mobile phone manufacturers are currently evaluating Linux and Qtopia for their mobile phone projects. SYSOPENDIGIA has strong experience and unique skills that would assist these manufacturers in creating products with Qtopia." says Karsten Homann, Vice President of Professional Services from Trolltech.

While this demonstration is not intended to be commercialized as such, the results of the work done by SYSOPENDIGIA can be leveraged in the creation of commercial Linux-based mobile devices. The announced Linux based 3G smartphone software has been created by SYSOPENDIGIA based on open-source software components and Trolltech's Qtopia application platform and user interface.

The hardware platform is based on dual chip architecture with Marvell PXA300 application processor and Ericsson WCDMA 3G modem.