Open-Xchange Releases Update for Express

Open-Xchange Inc. today released a comprehensive feature update for Open-Xchange Express Edition. Customers can download improvements to usability and performance of the leading open source collaboration software.

Open-Xchange provides frequent enhancements and new features for Open-Xchange Express Edition via an automated updater. The Updater removes the complexity and issues associated with receiving and implementing product updates. It makes sure that the whole system is kept up-to-date and secure: from the base operating system through Antivirus/Anti-Spam to new email and groupware functionality. The automated update service is available to all Open-Xchange Express customers. Automated Updates are retrieved and downloaded through the Administration Module by clicking on the “Check for Updates” button.

“Open-Xchange Express Edition is helping small and medium-sized enterprises to collaborate and be more productive at an affordable price”, said Gerald Labie, CEO of Open-Xchange Inc. “We constantly listen to our customers and partners, and though our automated update service are able to frequently release new feature and platform improvements in response to their input.”

Express Edition has been designed from the bottom up for ease of use. To fulfil its promise of Smart Collaboration, Open-Xchange Express Edition had to be easy to install and use, but also easy to maintain and upgrade. Getting the latest enhancements to the operating system, middleware, and email / groupware application quickly and effortlessly is key to our customers’ success.