Open Source vs. Money

In today's economy, most people are focused purely on making money. The reason behind making has been, for the most part, lost on most fronts. When asked what the top goal for their life was, many people claimed it was to get rich. People are encouraged to go to college purely so that they can get a good job that pays them a lot of money, they are told that in order to do anything they want, they need money, they are told to follow the money first, and then form goals based on the amount of money they obtain. This is counter-intuitive to everything one can find when one looks at the major innovations, inventions, and general success throughout history.

In technology, many of the great innovators and inventors got a job that secured them financially, but the main reason for taking those particular jobs was not money, but the amount of time the job gave them. They used the job to keep themselves fed, but focused on their projects. Most of them never got rich off their work, many were not recognized in their time, and often they died poor. However, these people contributed more to science and technology than many laboratories have all around the world. Without these innovators, most of today's technology would not be around. They spearheaded the technological revolutions with their ideas and work, not to get rich, but because they wanted to see it happen.