HowTo Document Precautions

Please be advised that the Linux HowTo documents and examples provided on this website are offered as best effort resources. While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee their correctness or the outcome of their implementation. Users are encouraged to exercise caution and utilize these resources at their own discretion and risk.

We disclaim any liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using the information provided, and also suggest the following precautions before executing any instructions or code.

Before Starting

  • Take a full backup of the system.
  • Utilize snapshots if the system is a Virtual Machine.
  • Thoroughly read the HowTo documentation and understand the end result.
  • When modifying configuration files consider making a copy prior to issuing a change.
  • For future reference it is a good idea to keep a Change Log of all system modifications.
  • Instead of using Root, use 'sudo' to execute commands requiring escalated privileges.

Linux HowTo Usage

  • Steps are outlined in numbered order, be sure to follow them accordingly.
  • To distinguish commands from configuration, text, or output we also use colours for easy identification. Below are examples.

Commands are green

Configuration, text or output are orange