PowerSquid Surge3000 Review

PowerSquid Surge3000 Review

PowerSquid Surge Protector

When buying a new computer, any good sales associate will likely suggest the additional purchase of a surge protector for your new system. Often buyers decline and pass this off as a commission tactic or up selling, not fully understanding the value in such a device. Today we're taking a look at the PowerSquid Surge3000, a surge suppressor that is revolutionizing design, functionality and not to mention protecting your valuable electronics.

PowerSquid Surge3000, sounds like a character straight out of an old Godzilla flick doesn't it?

Just like the name, PowerSquid Surge3000 is the most unique surge suppression device I've ever seen. What is surge suppression you ask? Well, a power surge, or transient voltage, is an increase in voltage significantly above the designated level in a flow of electricity. In normal household and office wiring in the United States/Canada, the standard voltage is 120 volts. If the voltage rises above 120 volts, there is a problem, and a surge protector helps to prevent that problem from destroying your computer. Surge suppressors like the PowerSquid Surge3000 aren't just for computers, they can be used to protect any electronic device.

Unlike a standard brick type surge protector, the PowerSquid Surge3000 housing visually resembles marine cephalopods, the squid. This certainly isn't the most aesthetically pleasing design, but there is a purpose to this which leaves all other surge protectors lacking flexibility. The tentacle like outlets allow you to plug in any block type power adapter, where as a conventional surge protector or power bar will leave you with blocked/unused receptacles.


Surge3000 Model Specifications

  • 3240 Joules w/ Ultra-MOV\u2122 technology*
  • Purestream\u2122 EMI/RFI power filter**
  • $500,000 Limited Protected Equipment Warranty
  • Complete Connectivity Protection: DSL/Dial-Up and Cable/Coaxial

*Next generation surge protection with Ultra-MOV\u2122 Technology. Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are the heart of a surge protector. Flexity PowerSquids® feature Ultra MOVS\u2122, the latest and most sophisticated technology on the market with enhanced heat dissipation and 27% greater capacity.

**Purestream\u2122 EMI/RFI Power Filter. Electromagnetic interference in the current has been shown to hurt performance and be a source of errors and damage to sensitive components. Every Flexity PowerSquid® features our Purestream\u2122 power filtering technology to protect your equipment and enhance picture and sound quality.

Standard Features:

  • Tripwire Circuit
  • 8\u2019 Extra-long Power Cord
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Blue-LED power indicator
  • Rubber skid-feet prevent sliding
  • Rugged ABS casing drop-tested
  • Phone splitter with superior sidactor protection
  • Gold plated coaxial connectors

The Design

Here we identify a common design flaw in conventional surge protection bars. For demonstration purposes I use six power adapters of assorted size. Both the PowerSquid Surge3000 and standard surge bar have six outlets.

As shown in the photo, the unique tentacle design of the PowerSquid Surge3000 allows enough separation to accommodate any size power adapter; where as regular bars are limited to physical space and over lapping of outlets.

The Housing

The housing is made from a rugged ABS casing, and claimed to be drop-tested. Personally, I'd keep something like this on the floor or where there is no risk of falling, so let’s just skip the real world drop testing and take their word for it. No PowerSquid Surge3000 was harmed in the making of this evaluation.

Looking at the top of the unit we have a main on/off button and two LED indicators for grounding and protecting.

The PowerSquid Surge3000 has sidactor protection which is used to protect telecom equipment from hazardous transient voltages. DSL/Dial-Up modems, fax machines, and other equipment that plug into the telephone network will benefit from this protection. Also, gold plated Cable/Coaxial with splitter is standard on the PowerSquid Surge3000.

If you're anything like me, all valuable electrical equipment within your household is surge protected. With an 8 foot power cord and 6 flexible outlets, the PowerSquid Surge3000 is the perfect solution and most versatile.


PowerSquid Surge3000 Review
PowerSquid Surge3000 Review
PowerSquid Surge3000 Review
PowerSquid Surge3000 Review
PowerSquid Surge3000 Review


The Good - Pros
  • Flexible outlets
  • Extra long power cord

The Bad - Cons
  • No flat profile power cord

The Ugly - Issues
  • N/A

The Verdict - Opinion

An electrostatic discharge, and other forms of high voltage, is one of the major causes of equipment damage. Having said that, a surge suppression device should be on your shopping list if you do not have one already. The PowerSquid Surge3000 is definitely one to be considered.

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Cost & Value: