Open Source / GPL

New York Times opens up code

The New York Times likes open source -- so much so that, as it gradually moves more of its print operations online, it is nurturing a Web development team that has released two of its own open source projects.

Open Source as standard option in home routers

Yesterday, Buffalo Technology and the German-based New Media Net published a press release claiming that from now on, you can buy Buffalo’s WHR-HP-G54 Router with the open source DD-WRT firmware. You’ll get the usual 2-year guarantee here in Germany, which you would lose with installing free software on most vendors’ products yourself.

All fair in love and open source?

The folks at Palamida are steamed. (Oregon plays USC this Saturday, and their original athletic logo featured Disney’s Donald, a copyrighted character.) Palamida has been compiling a list of projects switching from GPLv2 to GPLv3 — they have 940 so far. It’s difficult, time-intensive research, aimed at giving Palamida a strategic advantage over rivals like Black Duck.

KnowledgeTree Document Management Software Adopts GPL3

Adoption of OSI-approved GPL v3 License Strengthens Open Source Community Participation In Leading Open Source Document Management Project.

Misys Leads Industry with Bold Open Source Move

Misys plc, the global application software and services company, took the lead in innovation by announcing that it will make the Misys Connect healthcare solution available to the open source development community. Working with open source developers is a pioneering first step towards establishing open standards in healthcare, which will benefit all Americans. Misys Open Source Solutions, a division of Misys plc, was established to create and drive innovation in the marketplace; using open source to move toward open standards is a great step forward.

Predicting Open Source Licensing

What's the most popular open source license currently in use? If you said GPL you would be right. But how did you know? Plenty of people assume that GPL is the most commonly used because that's what a simple search of the online repository brings up.

Open Source IT Management Software Delivers Network Visualization & Java Application Management

Zenoss released version 2.1 of Zenoss Core, the most popular open source IT management software product on The new version extends both its network management and application management capabilities with first-of-its-kind network visualization features and native management of Java-based applications. Zenoss Core 2.1 also adds advanced graphing capabilities and personalized dashboards. Zenoss Core enables organizations of all sizes to access an affordable, powerful and integrated IT management solution.

Woopsi for Nintendo: First Open Source Package Released

Woopsi offers a GUI library for Nintendo. The Open Source Library offers help in quickly creating user interfaces for homebrew software. The Woopsi is based on the AmigaOS windowing system.