Open Source / GPL

Monsoon Multimedia to Comply with GNU General Public License

Monsoon Multimedia announced efforts to fully comply with the GNU General Public License (GPL). Monsoon is in settlement negotiations with BusyBox to resolve the matter and intends to fully comply with all open-source software license requirements. Monsoon will make modified BusyBox source code publicly available on the company web-site in the coming weeks.

Open Source Developers Staying Away From GPLv3

Only 6% of developers working on Open Source software have adopted GPLv3, according to Evans Data Corp's recently released Open Source Software Development Survey. Two-thirds say they will not be adopting GPLv3 anytime in the next year, and 43% say they will never implement the new license. In addition, almost twice as many would be less likely to join a project that implements GPLv3 than would be more likely to join.

Open Source Replacement of Microsoft Project

Projity, the leader in on-demand and open source project software announced that over 25,000 copies of OpenProj have been downloaded in the first week since launching. OpenProj is a free, open source replacement of Microsoft Project and other commercial project management software solutions.

Listing of enterprise-ready open source packages

OpenLogic, Inc., a provider of enterprise open source software solutions encompassing hundreds of open source packages, today announced the launch of OpenLogic Exchange – a free web site where companies can find, research, and download certified, enterprise-ready open source packages.

Apple's Woz Has Harsh Words for Open Source

"In a rollicking interview with eWEEK magazine, Apple guru Steve Wozniak dishes on Jobs, the iPhone and, ultimately, open source, saying: "There's always a group of people that wants to undo the forces of industry that have given us so much in terms of wealth, and there's always people who want things to be free. The open-source movement starts with those sort of people." Woz does concede that open source has "good points that have nothing to do with whether it's free or not." And he was wearing a nixie-tube watch, so how much can you really dislike him?"

Ingres Announces Support of OSGeo

Ingres Corporation, the leading open source information management company, today announced at the FOSS4G 2007 (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial) conference that it is supporting OSGeo (Open Source Geospatial Foundation). OSGeo is widely recognized for supporting collaborate development of open geospatial technologies and projects important to business, the environment, and society.

Free and Open Source Web Meeting Service

dimdim, the world's first free web meeting service based on the open source platform, today launched at DEMOfall 07. dimdim is a browser-based web 2.0 service that allows anybody to share their desktop, show slides, as well as talk, listen, chat, and broadcast via webcam. dimdim's hosted service is available for free and can be easily used for small gatherings, to seminars with hundreds of attendees.

Open source opens doors

"For someone whose job suddenly disappeared on him, Auckland software developer Vik Olliver is on a high. Apart from his employment misfortune, good things have been happening to Olliver, a stalwart of the open source software community in New Zealand."