Open Source / GPL

Why open source and open innovation has to be taken more seriously

The idea that companies will succeed in the 21st century by drawing in the brightest minds from everywhere, not just within their own four walls, has gathered momentum over the last decade.

SaaS solution for Open Source

OpenLogic, Inc., a provider of enterprise open source software solutions encompassing hundreds of open source packages, today announced the availability of OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) Enterprise Edition, the industry’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for comprehensive sourcing and governance of open source in the enterprise.

Environment Canada opens up to open source

Environment Canada is using an open source model for its Model of the Environment and Temperature of Roads (METRo) forecasting system, in an effort to help provide the community of meteorologists and road maintainers with accurate forecasting software.

Open Source at British Telecom

"Yesterday we had an open source event in BT's auditorium called "Open source - open for business". If you'll excuse the rather corporate-sounding title, it was actually a really cool day. There were elements of preaching to the converted - a large proportion of the audience were already open source advocates - but I'm sure those who were new to the subject would've left the event inspired by how compelling the argument in favour of open source has become."

Open Web Gains New Open Source Development Tools

ActiveState Software released Open Komodo, an open source platform for building development environments based on the award-winning Komodo IDE, a multi-platform, multi-language IDE for dynamic languages and Ajax technologies. Starting today, developers can download and use Open Komodo, the open-sourced code base from Komodo® Edit, a free multi-language editor for dynamic languages based on Komodo IDE.

Breaking Open Facebook with Open Source Software

While privacy and open society advocates have been concerned about the dominance of Google’s search engine for the past several years, most of us are just beginning to comprehend Facebook’s growing impact on who, when, what and how we connect with friends and colleagues online. Personally, I’m concerned that one corporation controls so much information about the detailed personal activities and connections among individuals. With Microsoft’s recent $240 million investment in Facebook, the company has all the capital it needs to further its grand ambitions.

ODF backer abandons file format in favor of W3C alternative

A group that was set up to promote the Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF) is abandoning its support of that file format in favor of a set of specifications developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The Prescription for Health Care: Open Software or Forklifts?

"Would open source software get more doctors and hospitals online faster with systems that are compatible? I had a very interesting series of conversations last week that touched on this and the other challenges of health care technology."