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Mono’s demise bad news for open source

Just when the Mono Project was beginning to gain traction, along comes Sun Microsystems to take the wind from its sails. I can’t help but feel it’s a mixed blessing.

Open Source App Stacks: More Hype Than Promise?

Vendors are scrambling to offer open source Latest News about open source application stacks as an alternative to integrated sets of proprietary applications that have long locked users into the technology of a single supplier.

Some vendors and analysts, however, are quick to criticize the emerging stacks, contending that they could lock in users the same way integrated stacks of a single vendor's applications have in the past.

Open source booming in Asia

Open source code is now used by over 70 per cent of software developers in Asia, according to a new report.

The number of developers using open source in the region has surged more than 40 per cent in just three years, Evans Data Corporation revealed in a recent survey of software engineers.

Mission Accomplished: Do We Need the New OSDL?

Since 2000, the non-profit Open Source Development Lab has been a champion of Linux and Open Source in enterprise environments. Primarily an engineering-focused organization, the consortium is generally regarded as a boon to the Open Source community and a positive force in the mainstreaming of OSS.

SugarCRM CEO says attribution in open source licenses is about fairness

Meet John Roberts. Roberts is CEO and co-founder of SugarCRM. To many SugarCRM is thought of as a provider of open source-based customer relationship management solutions. But is it? There's no question that SugarCRM provides a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. But is it an open source one? Roberts says it is.

Terracotta Enters the Open Source Arena with JVM

Terracotta is planning to open source its Java Virtual Machine (JVM) clustering software. Open source software companies like Spring, Geronimo, Tomcat and others support this move. "Terracotta’s move will have a positive impact on the Java open source community," said Jeff Genender, CTO and chief architect of Savoir Technologies and active committer and Project Management Committee (PMC) member for Apache Geronimo.

Zenoss to Exhibit at Large Installation Sys Admin Conference

Zenoss, Inc., a leading provider of open source enterprise network and systems monitoring software, will be exhibiting at the Large Installation Systems Administrators (LISA) Conference in Washington, DC on December 6 and 7. Zenoss will be demonstrating its newly released open source Zenoss Core 1.0 monitoring platform.

Open-source group seeks reversal of 'junk patent'

A legal centre is trying to overturn a patent it says threatens three open-source educational projects, a sign of the tension between patent holders and the collaborative programming community.