Son Says He Saw Linux Guru Carrying 'Somebody' Wrapped in a Bag

The young son of Linux guru Hans Reiser resumed testimony at his father's murder trial after a lunch break Tuesday. The 8-year-old boy told jurors he saw his father carrying "somebody" rolled up "like a ball" inside a bag down the stairs of his father's Oakland house the night his mother vanished.

The boy got on the ground in a ball to suggest how a body might have been in the bag. All 12 jurors, hypnotized by his every word, craned their neck to see the dark-haired boy below them on the carpet in Alameda County Superior Court here. "Because it was tight like that, like a ball," he said.

The boy recently had drawn a picture of that event, which was shown to jurors.

"What does this whole picture mean?" Prosecutor Paul Hora asked the boy.

"How Hans is going down the stairs with somebody," he replied.

He said he never saw who was inside the bag, and said he was in bed at the time and it was dark.