Reiser Murder Trial Theme Emerging: Wife Was a Good Mom, Bad Mom

Witness No. 3 continued on the stand Tuesday in the Hans Reiser murder trial, and she quickly became the subject of several insults under cross examination by the defendant's attorney.

Reiser_36 Alameda County Superior Court Judge Larry Goodman quickly put a halt to the abrasion. "You can do it in a respectful manner," Goodman admonished defense attorney William DuBois.

The 12-member jury and four alternates were often captivated as DuBois cross examined Shelley Gordon, the divorce attorney for Nina Reiser, who vanished after dropping off her two young children to her former husband's Oakland hills house in September, 2006.

At one point during the morning session, DuBois suggested that Hans Reiser's former wife or her estate ironically stands to inherit the husband's Namesys company that produced Linux file systems if Hans Reiser is convicted of killing her.