Skype for Linux 1.4 Gold, The Panacea

Skype for Linux 1.4 delivers a superior voice call quality in comparison with previous production release of Skype for Linux 1.3. It is highly recommended for everyone to upgrade to the latest version.

New features of the Panacea are:

* feature: Command line switches, run “skype —help” for more details.
* feature: —resources= to set an alternative to /usr/share/skype for resources.
* feature: Add an option to Sound Devices to enable/disable automatic mixer adjustment.
* feature: Allow keyboard/keypad to be used to enter DTMF numbers in call window.
* feature: Clickable links in chat topics.
* feature: Tooltips for emoticons in the chat window.
* feature: Chat toolbar with Add People, Send File(s) to Chat, History and Leave Chat buttons.
* feature: Confirmation dialog for Leave Chat button.
* feature: Drag-and-drop files to chat input box to send files to chat.
* feature: Drag-and-drop files to individual contacts in chat or contact list to send files.
* feature: Drag-and-drop users from contact list into chat input box to send contacts.
* feature: Drag-and-drop users from contact list into chat memberlist to add to chat.
* feature: Dragging of contacts into other programs (text entry) will copy skype:.
* feature: File transfer menu.
* feature: Auto-accept file transfers.
* feature: “Cleanup transfers” button.
* feature: Key ‘F6’ to bring main window focus instantly to Quickfilter.
* feature: Interface language choice in Options based on translation files available (restart required).
* feature: “New version available” dialog.