Control Logitech G Pro Keyboard Backlighting in Linux

Before getting started, we suggest you Learn Linux Basics and follow these precautions.

Updated: 2019-03-09
Created: 2019-01-09

The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features on-board memory that contains eight different LED lighting effects. Though basic, you can control these lighting effects and toggle game mode under Linux without the unsupported Logitech Gaming Software (LGS).


LED Backlighting

To enable or disable LED lighting, press the Backlight toggle key in the upper right corner of your Logitech Gaming Keyboard.

Customize lighting settings by holding down the Backlight toggle key and press a number key (1 ~ 0) to cycle though the various lighting modes. Listed below are the corresponding lighting effects.

  • Backlight Toggle Key + 1 = Multi-colour wave right
  • Backlight Toggle Key + 2 = Multi-colour wave left
  • Backlight Toggle Key + 3 = Multi-colour wave center out
  • Backlight Toggle Key + 4 = Multi-colour breathing *
  • Backlight Toggle Key + 5 = Multi-colour ripple on key press
  • Backlight Toggle Key + 6 = Colour cycle pulsing
  • Backlight Toggle Key + 7 = Multi-colour wave right & colour cycle pulsing
  • Backlight Toggle Key + 8 = No effect change
  • Backlight Toggle Key + 9 = No effect change
  • Backlight Toggle Key + 0 = Solid colour always on *
  • Backlight Toggle Key + + = Increase the speed of the lighting effect
  • Backlight Toggle Key + - = Decrease the speed of the lighting effect

* Use button combination repeatedly before the effect activates to cycle between 16 different colors.

Increasing or decreasing the speed of the effect affects all lighting effects stored on the device.

You may also use the + 0 effect to select the G Logo colour preference and then switch to another effect, this will result in the logo colour remaining but with a new effect.


Game Mode

While Game Mode is on, the keyboard disables the Windows and Menu keys to prevent unwanted interruptions. To toggle Game Mode, press the Game Mode key located on the upper right side of the keyboard. The Game Mode LED lights up when the mode is active.


Linux LED controller for Logitech keyboards

There is also an independent Linux LED controller project on GitHub named g810-led.

I personally have not evaluated this particular software package, but according to the documentation g810-led is compatible with Logitech G213, G410, G413, G512, G513, G610, G810, G910 and GPRO keyboards.