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SCO on the verge of bankruptcy

SCO, whose claim to the Linux kernel has touched off a firestorm in the open source realm, is on the verge of bankruptcy, according to court documents filed by legal opponent Novell, several…

SCO's View of Its Motion for Reconsideration

Utah's SCO Group has asked a federal judge to reconsider striking most of the claims from its $5 billion, Linux-related lawsuit against IBM.

But they don't want anyone to know why.

SCO's Stock dips below $1.00

The ever loved company that's trying to sue anyone running Linux has had another blow delivered after a judge threw out more than 60% of their case. Their stock have tanked and just today fell…

Investors lose faith in SCO's Linux crusade

SCO Group shares plummeted by nearly 40 per cent to $1.20 on Friday after a judge upheld an earlier ruling throwing out most of the company's legal case against IBM.

SCO claims to own key…

Microsoft Shown Involved with Baystar and SCO

Would you like to hear the rest of the BayStar story? Then pull up a chair, my friends.

On page 21 in IBM's Amended Redacted Memorandum in Support of its Motion for Summary Judgment on SCO'…

SCO Continues to Struggle Against Linux in Q3

Server software maker and mobile application development tool wannabe SCO Group Inc yesterday reported its financial results for its fiscal third quarter ended July 31, and once again the company'…