Open Source / GPL

Webinar on Open Source Governance and Policies in Enterprise Organizations

Open source visionaries from Hewlett Packard and Olliance Group share insights regarding effective open source software management and governance.

Sapna Kumar on GPLv3

The June 2007 meeting of the Triangle Linux Users Group was held at 7pm, June 14, at Red Hat on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University. The speaker was Sapna Kumar, who spoke about the GNU General Public License version 3. She discussed changes in GPL v.3 and what they mean for hackers, infighting that has been going on inside the open source community and how v.3 deals with the growing threat of software patents.

Your Freedom needs Free/Libre Software

Many of us know that governments can threaten the human rights of software users through censorship and surveillance of the Internet. Many do not realize that the software they run on their home or work computers can be an even worse threat. Thinking of software as "just a tool", they suppose that it obeys them, when in fact it often obeys others instead.

NASA uses open-source development to create new glove

Call it open-source, crowd-source, user-generated, whatever: the anyone-can-contribute, cream rises to the top no matter its origin model exemplified by everything from the Firefox browser to the Ansari X Prize is also paying dividends for NASA.

Open sourcers rattle EU sabre at BBC on demand player

The BBC is being threatened with an anti-trust challenge in Europe over its use of the Windows Media format in its on demand service, iPlayer, which is in the final stages of testing.

Is Open Source Dying?

On the face of it, open-source software has been gaining ground of late. The much-anticipated draft of GNU GPLv3 (GNU General Public License Version 3) has been finally published, giving the open-source community an opportunity to finally get out of its own way.

Final GPLv3 draft leaves Novell in the clear

The Free Software Foundation has released the final draft of an updated General Public License, a draft that prohibits future deals similar to the Microsoft-Novell patent pact, but lets that deal go ahead.

GPL compliance issues are tearing Joomla! apart

Joomla! project leader Louis Landry and his colleagues want to protect the project they love. That's why, after two years of allowing proprietary plugins for the open source CMS, the group has decided to ask third-party developers for voluntary compliance with the terms of the GNU General Public License, under which Joomla! is licensed.