Open Source / GPL

Preliminary opensource driver for the ATI R500-based cards

Jerome Glisse announced today that a small team of X.Org developers has managed to provide the initial support for ATI R500-based cards (ATI Radeon X1300 up to X1600 at the time) by reverse engineering.

Solaris could nudge Linux to GPL 3

Linux leader Linus Torvalds has finally found something that could convince him that the forthcoming version 3 of the General Public License is worth adopting: open-source Solaris.

Open source 'not relevant', claim CIOs

The hidden cost and complexity of open source is still a key barrier to adoption for many CIOs and large enterprises.

Microsoft Spits in GPL Creator Richard Stallman's Eye

Goodness, didn't Microsoft just spit in Richard Stallman's eye?

The GPL creator's attempts to stop Microsoft from cutting any more of those patent-protection deals like the one it cut with Novell don't quite seem to be working.

Zenoss Releases New Version of Open Source IT Management Product

Delivers First Commercial Open Source CMDB and Further Simplifies Enterprise IT Management.

Torvalds "quite impressed" with new version of GPLv3 final draft

While not exactly a ringing endorsement of the new version of the GPLv3 final draft, Linus Torvalds says it's "a hell of a lot better than the disaster that were the earlier drafts."

Alan Cox on Patent Law and GPLv3

"Personally I think it's [Microsoft-Novell deal] a bad idea and that Novell are going to get stung by the GPLv3, and rightfully so. The license is designed to keep the software free, if it fails to do this then it needs fixing, so GPLv3 hopefully will fix this flaw."

Open Source centre to come up in Bengal

Speaking to UNI on the sidelines of a seminar on "Open Document Format(ODF) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)" organised by Confederation of Indian Industry, State IT Minister Debesh Das said,"We are interested to set up a regional centre for open source software development centre. A budgetary allocation of Rs 2 crore has been approved for this." The state government is trying to tie up with a university as its academic partner to take the project forward.