Open Source / GPL

iPlayer faces petition pressure

An e-petition on the Downing Street website has called on parliament to stop the BBC launching its iPlayer to a Windows-only audience.

Open source here to stay, says MySQL CEO Marten Mickos

As the CEO of Sweden-based open source database vendor MySQL AB, Marten Mickos knows about the role open source software can play in business and personal computing.

The ‘Cost’ of GPLv3 is the Loss of All Threats to Free Software

"We continue to explore the Linspire/Microsoft affairs and we identify some highly discomforting facts. As we stated in the past, personal benefits were possibly (even probably) part of all those recent deals. Moreover, vile attacks which ensued could truly make you wonder who is on whose side. There are no answers, but there is a lot of evidence to gather and then weigh."

New Study Shows Enterprises Evaluate on Windows, Deploy on Linux

Alfresco Software announced the immediate availability of its first-ever global survey of trends in the use of open source software in the enterprise.

When Open Source is the Holy Hand Grenade

"In our recent conversation with Danese Cooper, she brought up how open source is sometimes used as a market disrupter. If I understood her correctly, there are times where competitors are locked in fierce competition with each other. At some point, one of the organizations changes the game by open-sourcing their product, effectively kicking the legs out from under the competition. Why would customers pay vast sums for a “proprietary” product, when there’s an open-source one that’s “free”?"

HP and MIT Team Up On Open Source Archiving

HP and the MIT Libraries today announced the formation of the DSpace Foundation, a non-profit organization that will provide support to the growing community of institutions that use DSpace, an open source software solution for accessing, managing and preserving scholarly works in a digital archive.

Open-Xchange Brings User-Friendly Open Source Collaboration Software to Small Businesses

Open-Xchange Express Edition Gives Businesses the Benefits of a World Class Open Source Collaboration Solution Without the Need to Know Linux.

Canadian banks put the brakes on open source

Linux-based and Unix-based apps are becoming commonplace in the enterprise, but some sectors are still holding out. IDC and Info-Tech explain why our financial institutions are reluctant to take the plunge.