Open Source / GPL

Joint releases to jolt open source: Shuttleworth

Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth has declared more publicity would be generated for open source software if the three large desktop projects of KDE, GNOME, and agreed on a common and regular release cycle.

Ex-HPer Says HP, IBM, Others Susceptible To Open Source

Nora Denzel says open-source software is changing the landscape of an industry led by Hewlett-Packard and IBM.

You might dismiss her as just another fan of open source, the freely available software best known by Linux. But Denzel is the former head of HP's HPQ software group. She resigned last year.

General Public License Version 3: A Legal View

"The final version of the General Public License Version 3 (“GPLv3) published on June 29th is a significant improvement over General Public License Version 2 (“GPLv2”) and deserves to have broad acceptance. In fairness to GPLv2, the GPLv2 was drafted in 1991: both the law relating to software and the manner in which software is developed and distributed has changed significantly since 1991. I was actively involved in the process as the Chair of Committee C, the committee representing users, and it is very satisfying that the hard work of the Free Software Foundation, Committee C and the other committees has reached such a successful conclusion (even though not all of our suggestions were accepted)."

FSF releases the GNU General Public License, version 3

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today released version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), the world's most popular free software license.

Motorola Releases Open Source Middleware

Motorola announced that it intends to form an industry-wide consortium that will assume stewardship for the OpenSAF project the company announced in February. The company also announced the first release of the open source code related to the project.

Free Software's Anti-Steve

We now know what happens when big hairy software coders work with big hairy lawyers. The result, understandably, is anything but slick. Meet GPLv3, the free software movement's latest legal tool to keep their code from being fenced in.

GPLv3 upgrade set for Friday

A controversial update to the GNU GPL (General Public License) is set to be released Friday by the Free Software Foundation, a representative of the organization said on Tuesday.

BBC denies the Open Source community

The BBC has been accused of forcing people to use Microsoft operating systems and has been threatened with a complaint to the European Commission.

The accusations against the BBC have been made by advocacy group the Open Source Consortium (OSC).