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GPL: fear is the key

The third revision of the General Public Licence has been out for just short of three weeks but plenty of people are already questioning why take-up has been so slow.

Misleading InformationWeek GPLv3 article

InformationWeek's article on the GPLv3 is misrepresenting, or simply wrong. The title should have been "Linus calls GPLv3 'a fine choice'" would have been a more appropriate article. See where the article came from, and how InformationWeek managed to twist the facts to create a scoop.

1st Asian Nation to Adopt Open Software Standards

"Japan has adopted a policy under which government ministries and agencies will solicit bids from software vendors whose products support internationally recognized open standards and thus becomes the first country in Asia to embrace the open software Standards."

OrangeHRM Launches version 2.2 of the HR Management System

OrangeHRM today announced the launch of version 2.2 of their flagship OrangeHRM web-based open-source human resource management system.

Linux Creator Calls GPLv3 Authors 'Hypocrites' As Open Source Debate Turns Nasty

Linux creator Linus Torvalds said the authors of a new software license expected to be used by thousands of open source programmers are a bunch of hypocrites and likened them to religious fanatics -- the latest sign of a growing schism in the open source community between business-minded developers like Torvalds and free software purists.

Open Source Inventory Analysis

Free Open Source Inventory Analysis helps enterprises gain visibility into installed open source software across multiple platforms.

Open Source Community Honors Its Best and Brightest Announces 2007 Community Choice Awards Finalists.

GPLv3 attracts 116 projects in first week

According to Palamida, GPL and LGPL conversions are up to 116 as of Monday, July 9th, 2007.