Open Source / GPL

The State of the Union of FOSS

"Confidential White House sources have leaked to me a secretly included draft section of the President’s State of the Union address. These sources suspect that the Free Software Foundation (FSF), a suspected terrorist group, somehow gained access to the speech and included this section. It was purportedly caught at the last moment by a staffer who was literate enough to understand what she was reading. I release this copy of the rejected section, exposing myself to potentially grave peril, as a public service to our readers."

Open Source support hooks a fallacy says Linux expert

A leading US Open Source expert and 25-year veteran of the Free Software community has rejected claims from major software companies warning of hidden costs associated with the technology.

Terracotta Continues to Increase Investment in Open Source Clustering

Terracotta, Inc. announced the general availability of Open Terracotta 2.2, a powerful, open source Java clustering solution that enables developers to achieve scalable, highly available applications using pure open source application server infrastructure without the complexity and expense of traditional JEE-based services.

Liberty Alliance seeks open-source adoption

The industry organisation has created the "OpenLiberty Project" to provide tools and information for developing applications that use the Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services standards, it announced on Monday at the "Liberty 2.0" event in California. Liberty Alliance was formed in 2001 to develop standards for online verification of identity.

Open Source Researcher Alerts Cisco to GPL Issue

Last week, an open-source software researcher, Armijn Hemel, a consultant with Loohuis Consulting, alerted some bloggers and other media about one of our iPhone models (WIP300) not being compliant with the GNU general public license. Cisco has thoroughly investigated the information Mr. Hemel brought to our attention related to the Cisco iPhone WIP300 model as reported. Based on our investigation, Cisco is taking steps to resolve a single issue raised regarding this product’s compliance with the GNU General Public License, or GPL.

Open-source database elected to update Kiwi voters

The Electoral Enrolment Centre has consolidated electoral rolls on the open-source PostgreSQL database, replacing a group of disparate databases spread around the country.

2007 Forecast: Open Source

If I read the runes correctly, the hopes of many of the committed followers and proponents of Open Source have been disappointed by its progress in recent times. Admittedly, the attempt by SCO to stop Linux in its tracks (or get a royalty from its use) looks to have failed and last year saw Microsoft almost accommodating Open Source in a deal with Novell (but not without spreading a little FUD).

Open Source Leaders from Around the Globe to Meet at 2nd Annual Think Tank

Think Tank 2007 features Fortune 500 CIOs sharing their thoughts, concerns and questions on open source software with leaders from world’s largest IT companies and hottest open source startups.