Open Source / GPL

Open source personal tracking system gets first test

An open source wireless tracking system for following people around buildings got its first public use last week at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin.

The creators of the OpenBeacon system sold 900 tags at €10 (US$13) each to attendees who volunteered to be tracked during the four-day event. Some attendees bought multiple tags to experiment with later.

First phase of Korea's open source city a success

Korea's fifth-largest city, with a population of 1.4 million, has completed the first phase of its open source adoption strategy.

Gwangju Metropolitan City, which counts auto manufacturing, information appliance and opto-electronics among its main industries, was designated an open source software city by Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA) to boost its economy and competitiveness.

Amsterdam tests open source software

Microsoft Corp. has two years in which to convince Amsterdam city authorities that it can offer better value for money on the desktop than open source alternatives.

The city will conduct tests of open source software on desktops in two departments in the first half of 2007, it said Friday.

Airbus is banking on open source

The development of vital computer systems to be used and maintained for decades in aerospace and automobile construction is preconditioned on development tools the specifications of which elude most classical software products. Therefore a consortium of companies centered on the aircraft manufacturer Airbus has decided to make sure -- by launching a project dubbed TOPCASED (Toolkit in Open source for Critical Applications & Systems Development) -- that it gets its hands on such tools.

What does 2007 hold for open source?

I couldn't have an easier time playing fortune-teller this year. While some segments of the IT market might see the future as a wide-open plain, for the open source community, 2007 is shaping up to be a year for settling unfinished business.

If we cross our fingers, we might see the end of at least one chapter. IBM and Novell have the SCO Group on the ropes in their ongoing court case. With any luck, 2007 will finally see the majority of SCO's arguments laid to rest, ending this frustrating episode for Linux customers and vendors.

Open source to be a driving force in education

Open-source software in schools will be the driving force for Gordon Brown’s proposed ‘Knowledge Economy’, it was claimed today.

The claim comes from Bluefountain, after massive cross-party backbench support for a change in government policy for IT in education. Nearly one in five backbenchers from all parties questioned the exclusion of open-source software from UK schools.

Activism and Promotion

Something that is really counterproductive in many Open Source communities are people who are so rabidly fanatical about one line of thinking that they try to pressure everyone into their line of thinking. One long standing example of this is the whole FLOSS vs. FOSS concept. Some outspoken individuals try to lash out at all people who don't take their view on Free and Libre Open Source Software...that is, software that is Open Source, Free, and Libre (aka without proprietary parts included). It's really sad because this shouldn't be an issue in Open Source and Linux communities but it often is.

OpenMFG Follows ERP Upgrade with Open Source Report Writer

OpenMFG today announced the second major release of OpenRPT, its cross-platform, open source report writer and rendering engine. OpenRPT is available under a dual-license model, either free and open source under the GNU General Public License, or – for organizations wishing to opt out of the GPL’s requirements – a commercial source code license with OpenMFG.