Open Source / GPL

The MVPs of Open Source

Who are the MVPs of open source? Are they the advocates? The maintainers? The stalwart community members? The CEOs of open source software companies?

Or is it someone else entirely?

I think it is. The MVP of open source, to me, is the person who can gather a number of open source tools together to create a site, a service, or a piece of corporate infrastructure that makes or saves big bucks.

Indian state goes for open source

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is making a move to adopt open source software, due to concerns over security and the high cost of Windows systems.

According to C. Umashankar, managing director of Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (Elcot), government departments across the state will switch from Windows desktops to Novell's Suse Linux and OpenOffice from this year. Elcot is Tamil Nadu's state-owned IT supplier.

Optaros Publishes Open Source Scorecard

Optaros says there are over 140,000 open source projects in existence, making a standard overview of their benefits difficult for those making decisions over what should be implemented. The Open Source Catalogue 2007 is designed to give some direction to the endless projects available by listing what Optaros believes, are the most user friendly, relevant, useful and enterprise ready.

UK students offered cash for open source software

British university students are being offered cash incentives to write open source software - and the first beneficiary is a Python programmer from Swansea.

The UK Free Software Network (UKFSN), a small Hertfordshire-based internet service provider, has announced it will use its profits to form a fund benefitting students developing software that can be modified by its end users.

The Open-Source Solution

Larry Constantine asks, If most commercial software isn't any good, why not use a more communal approach?

As you read this, countless programmers worldwide are collaborating to write, refine, and debug open-source software. Open-source pioneer Richard ­Stallman estimates that a million programmers now contribute to these efforts, in which the original written form of the code--the source--is made freely available for everyone to work on and worry over. Once a fringe phenomenon, the practice has grown into a major force in software development.

Open-source system helps victims cope with disasters

IBM Philippines and the National Disaster Coordinating Council, came together in Guinsaugon to try out new equipment, as well as the Sahana open source disaster management system that IBM donated last year.

Straddling the Open Source/Proprietary Fence

Given the jaw-dropping occurrences in the open source world last year (Red Hat’s acquisition of JBoss, Oracle’s announcement of “Unbreakable Linux,” and Novell’s patent pact with Microsoft, to name a few), InfoWorld’s Neil McAllister says balancing open and proprietary, commercial and free, will be the critical task for enterprise IT managers this year and for a time to follow.

Free Culture Foundation enters the copyright debate

The Free Culture Foundation was launched today to promote and protect cultural freedoms. The Foundation provides an accessible, independent introduction to the free culture movement, now a global phenomenon thanks to the Creative Commons licenses, organisations like Open Business and artists like the Beastie Boys.