Open Source / GPL

Open Source Viewed as Not Obstructing Government's Activities

Judith M.S., Head of the Indonesian Internet Café or Warnet Association, has said she considered that the government's activities will not be hampered by the utilization of open source software.

Aras Embraces Microsoft .NET Platform to Offer Open Source PLM

In lieu of its traditional software license model, the new Aras Innovator 8 Enterprise Open Source Suite is available immediately for free as a commercial open source offering. This gives companies the licensing flexibility and input into code development that accompanies such a software model. In addition, the platform works with Microsoft technology such as Windows Server 2003 with .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005, allowing companies to leverage Microsoft technology already in place in their organizations as well as their existing IT skill sets.

Soft sell for open source apps

Enterprise software vendors that use open source business models may be few and far between, but they are out there. I recently spoke to Peter Schroer, president and founder of Aras, about his company's decision to open source its suite of product development and planning software.

Open source is good for the economy

Europe's lawmakers should "correct" policies that "implicitly or explicitly" favour the use of proprietary software, according to a newly published report from the European Commission (EC).

DRM, GPLv3 just 'hot air': Linus Torvalds

Digital rights management and the General Public License cause a lot of 'hot air' to be exchanged but they are not a 'big deal', according to the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds.

Using open source as a marketing ploy

This morning is running an article (Taking the plunge into open source) on how proprietary software companies are leveraging (bastardizing?) open source practices for some of their new products. A big part of the profile is on a company called Aras, which is releasing its application open source and shifting to an OSS business model. I guess the interesting part is that the code is all written in Microsoft technologies, because the rest of the story is a stretch to be exciting in any way. These are probably the nicest, most well-intentioned guys on Earth so I don't want to wrongfully admonish, but...

Open Source software takes on VMware

InnoTek today released VirtualBox Open Source Edition (OSE), marking an important milestone in the development of PC virtualization software. VirtualBox OSE is the first professional PC virtualization solution released as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL). With VirtualBox, customers get the most versatile virtualization product on the market, both for enterprise and individual use. VirtualBox' open source license allows everyone to contribute to the development of the product and customize it to suit individual needs. Backed by Europe's largest team of virtualization experts, VirtualBox continues to be developed and supported.

Taking the plunge into open source

More software companies are finding that the best way to make money with software is to give it away, cherry-picking open-source software practices for commercial gain.

On Monday, a small software company called Aras will release the code of its design application--written entirely with Microsoft technologies--and shift to an open-source business model.