Open Source / GPL

MontaVista and Atheros Deliver High Performance SDIO Stack

MontaVista announced the creation of a new open source project to provide full SDIO functionality to Linux. Using an extensive code base developed by Atheros, the collaborative effort will provide an open source and architecture independent solution that offers high performance throughput while maintaining the flexibility to support various SDIO host controllers and devices.

Open Source Software is getting good - Are you falling behind?

Open source software has historically been affiliated with minor or 'un-supported' software. Companies (in particular IT departments) have often turned down free, Open Source software alternatives in exchange for more costly, closed source applications because any number of the following commonly held beliefs:

Dondich talks up open source management apps

A former network engineer turned author and open source software developer, Taylor Dondich says applications such as Nagios provide a viable low-cost, high-performance alternative to commercial IT management and monitoring tools. Now a senior developer at GroundWork Open Source, Dondich recently published a book called Network Monitoring with Nagios, in which he provides tips and tricks to get the popular open source monitoring application up and running quickly in IT shops.

Open source: Where the action is

The pace of change in the open source software business is likely to accelerate in 2007 as developers climb up the software stack from the operating system and databases to applications.

Proposals to invest in open source-based software companies increased by a factor of two or three in 2006 over 2005 at Index Ventures, said Bernard Dallé, general partner at the venture capital firm.

Bringing Democracy to America with FOSS

I propose we start the OVPC (One Voting-machine Per Country) project. Instead of the hodge-podge of machines and software used across the country to conduct elections, let's standardize on one machine, designed in the open, built with off-the-shelf hardware, and open source software. Sort of “the PC” for voting.

What's Next For Open Source Development Labs?

Fallout from the Microsoft-Novell pact continued last week when the leading Linux group, Open Source Development Labs, cut nine of its staff of 28, including CEO Stuart Cohen, who resigned. OSDL's most famous employee, Linus Torvalds, owner of the Linux trademark and head of Linux kernel development, still works there.

Social Network Analysis Library Released as Open Source

In light of the explosion in social networking sites (Myspace, Facebook, Xanga et cetera) and Web 2.0 communities, social network analysis is hotter than ever. A new open source library released today (libSNA) helps social scientists and software developers rapidly create experiments and computer programs to understand emerging social networks.

BitTorrent / uTorrent, open source?

After the recent announcement by BitTorrent Inc that it has acquired the popular, lightweight Windows torrent client, µTorrent, there has been much speculation about the company making the source code of µTorrent public.