Open Source / GPL

OpenLogic Brings Together Open Source Community and Enterprise Users

OpenLogic, Inc., announced that the OpenLogic Expert Community has successfully resolved enterprise support issues for a range of open source products. The OpenLogic Expert Community is the first program to provide consolidated, commercial-grade support across a wide range of open source products by tapping the open source development community for enterprise support.

Open-source group wants educational patent reversed

A legal center is trying to overturn a patent it says threatens three open-source educational projects, a sign of the tension between patent holders and the collaborative programming community.

GPL v3 takes shape in Sydney

The Free Software Foundation's (FSF) General Public Licence (GPL) is undergoing its biggest overhaul in 15 years and local members of the free software community are participating in the development process.

The Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, in conjunction with Linux Australia, held a GPL3 symposium at the University of NSW this week which attracted some 60 people, include Samba creator Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell, and the FSF's general counsel Eben Moglen via a teleconference.

Human Rights OSS Provides Uncensored Internet to Countries like China

Once a unfettered forum for global communications, the Internet is today under siege.

Upwards of forty countries now censor Internet traffic. Most of this censorship takes place in secret, without any public accountability or civilian oversight. An arms race in cyberspace has been unleashed, as governments use the Internet as a new frontier for geopolitical struggle. The Internet is being carved up, colonized, and militarized.

Open-Xchange Publishes The End of FUD Paper

Can the open source approach to software development promote transparency and remove FUD -- fear, uncertainty and doubt?

Open-Xchange, Inc. today posted another position paper intended to review the forces changing the market for information technology in general and collaborative solutions in specific. The well-known software analyst, Daniel Kusnetzky, who is now the Executive Vice President, Market Strategy, and Paul Sterne, CFO and General Manager of Americas of Open-Xchange Inc, write these position papers.

OSDL Mobile Linux Initiative Gains Another Heavy Hitter

Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), the global consortium dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux® and open source software, today announced that Chinese handset manufacturer Datang Mobile will join OSDL as an active member of the Mobile Linux Initiative (MLI). Datang Mobile is a leading communication equipment provider in China and in markets around the globe.

Transcript of Richard Stallman's speech from GPLv3

"The 5th international GPLv3 conference was held in Tokyo last week. I've made and published a transcript of Stallman's talk where he described the latest on what GPLv3 will do about the MS/Novell deal, Treacherous Computing, patents, Tivo, and the other changes to the licence. While I was at it, I made a transcript of my talk from the next day where I tried to fill in some info that Richard didn't mention."

UK pays lip service to open source in schools

The UK's Open Source Consortium has joined criticism of UK government education policy towards open source software, maintaining that the British Education Communications and Technology Agency 'pays lip service' to open source while effectively excluding it from purchasing frameworks.