Open Source / GPL

An Open source gift guide for the holidays

There are hundreds of gift guides this holiday season filled with junk you can buy - but a lot of time you actually don't own it, you can't improve upon it, you can't share it or make it better, you certainly can't post the plans, schematics and source code either. We want to change that, we've put together our picks of interesting open source hardware projects, open source software, services and things that have the Maker-spirit of open source.

French National Assembly goes open source

The French National Assembly will move to open source software, cutting IT costs in the process, after a study ordered by the president of the assembly found it could provide all the tasks need by the Assembly's deputies.

Inside the mind of the enemy: the community

A few years back, Eric S. Raymond (or, as everyone else calls him, ESR), wrote a lengthy paper about this community. Entitled The Cathedral and the Bazaar, he wrote about how the Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) community does what it wants when it wants to.

I don't think he was entirely wrong; I just don't think he was entirely right, either.

How GPL fits in with the future of antitrust regulation

The "GPL and open-source have nothing to fear from the antitrust laws," declared the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit recently. That was in response to a federal complaint charging IBM, Red Hat and Novell with conspiring to thwart competition in the operating-system market by providing Linux free of charge under the GNU General Public License. The appeals court affirmed the dismissal of the complaint.

Myths And Realities Of Open Source

As with all new technologies, it is important with open source to separate the myths from the realities. At BearingPoint we have identified several of the common issues raised regarding open source. Here we offer insight into these concerns and the accompanying realities, which suggest that this promising new approach to enterprise computing is, in fact, ready for deployment in a growing array of situations. In addition, we outline several strategies that firms can pursue to begin tapping the potential of open source.

Open source databases '60 per cent cheaper'

Open source databases can save enterprises up to 60 per cent over proprietary products, according to data collected by Forrester Research.

Noel Yuhanna, a senior analyst at Forrester covering database management systems, estimated that average savings on the total cost of ownership are about 50 per cent. The data is based on surveys and customer interviews.

Vonage's Open Source Database Odyssey

In an interesting twist of irony, Oracle, which is taking aim at Linux leader Red Hat for being too expensive, is being undercut with an open source challenge to its namesake database.

VoIP vendor Vonage Networks is deploying EnterpriseDB, which is built on top of the open source PostgreSQL database as an alternative to Oracle. EnterpriseDB Advanced Server adds Oracle compatibility to native PostgreSQL as well as performance improvements.

Mapping the universe with open source software

Astronomers at New York City's Hayden Planetarium and Rose Center for Earth and Space think space exploration should be easily accessible to anyone. To make that possible, they offer an interactive atlas of the universe that anyone can download for free.