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What Does Free Software Really Cost?

You've probably seen the many articles infesting computing publications that blather on about comparing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ROI (Return on Investment) for Linux and Windows, and trying to figure out which one costs less to run.

Thai ICT Minister say's Open Source leads to a lot of low-quality software

In his first "meet the press" session as ICT Minister, Professor Sitthichai Pokai-udom put forth his radical vision for 3G in Thailand, condemned open source for turning out buggy, useless software and promised to make the civil servants in the ICT Ministry proud of their organisation once again.

Public Sector to Drive Open-Source Takeup in Germany

Germany’s cash-strapped public sector will be the driving force behind the takeup of open-source software in the country as state-run organizations strive to lower their IT costs, according to a study released Wednesday by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering.

How Open Source Software Informs Journalism

Networked journalism takes obvious cues from the open source software movement, but because the two seem so distant it helps to spell out these parallels. Below are 10 examples of how the software revolution is organized, with its emphasis on open-ended work on computer code, to show how it can be flushed out into open source journalism.

Joomla! - Open Source Content Management System Award Winner

Packt Publishing today (14 November) announced Joomla! as the the winner of the 2006 Open Source Content Management System Award.

With 16,000 votes for more than 70 different Open Source Content Management Systems nominated for the award, Joomla! was judged winner of the final. After eight weeks of voting from visitors to PacktPub and judges from The Open Source Collective, MySQL, the Eclipse Foundation, and CMSPros, Joomla! triumphed with the most votes, winning $5,000.

Open-source vendors seek help from Congress

Open-source software vendors are prodding Congress to define some legal standards to support the development and deployment of such software.

The vendors, which have formed the nonprofit Open Source Initiative (OSI), are most concerned about the legal definition of open-source software. Traditionally, such vendors provide full access to the source code of their applications, allowing others to study, change and redistribute the software on their own.

Open Source Indemnification: More Harm than Good

Since SCO filed its lawsuit against IBM several years ago, a number of vendors have stepped forward to indemnify their customers from suit if the customer becomes embroiled in any litigation involving open source software that the vendor distributed.

Open-Source Ventures: Where's the Money?

Open source has plenty of supporters—among them venture capitalists who view the software as a disruptive technology with huge potential. But that doesn’t mean they’re about to throw cash at open-source startups as they did at new companies during the dot-com rush.