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Red Tape Hinders Open Source Uptake in Government

Open source may be experiencing something of a slow uptake in government offices lately because the traditional "request for proposal" (RFP) process -- required and used by governments when spending tax dollars on software and other technology resources -- often excludes open source Latest News about open source options.

European Commission boosts open source

The European Commission has taken steps to promote the use of open source systems and software in the public sector. It has selected a consortium led by Unisys Belgium to create and manage the Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR), the company announced on 11 October 2006.

Opening doors to open source for women

From thoughtless comments on mailing lists to outright rudeness, women constantly battle the perception that there is no comfortable place for them in the predominately male world of open source software. That, however, may be beginning to change.

Eudora goes Open Source

QUALCOMM is announcing that its Eudora email program will become an open source product effective the first half of calendar year 2007. As an open source product, it will be free to all customers.

Can open source learn from Microsoft?

We open sourcerors are fond of poking fun of Microsoft. Blue Screen of Death, bugs galore, etc. I guess the biggest software company on the planet is ripe for abuse.

But in an interesting post from TechWeb, it appears that some within the open source community actually think there might be something to be learned from the Great Satan.

Konsole license violations highlight GPL confusion

In July, Konsole author Lars Doelle posted a note on the forum about two programs that appear to violate the GNU General Public License (GPL), under which Konsole is licensed. GPL violations are nothing new, but in this case Doelle has not only put the violators on notice, he's also telling users to stop using the offending programs as well.

Doelle says that he's found two programs for use on the embedded distribution MontaVista Mobilinux, eKonsole and qonsole, that use Konsole code in violation of the GPL. Neither author was identified, except by nicknames on the forum, and Doelle says that he's only been able to get in contact with the authors through the forum.

NEC streamlines open source software

Japanese computer giant NEC will attempt to promote the use of open source software on its servers with a new testing and certification regime, it was announced today.

The $41bn a year corporation will cooperate with US-based open source services firm SpikeSource to protect its customers from potential incompatibilities between open source applications.

SugarCRM Launches SugarExchange, a Global Marketplace for CRM Applications

SugarExchange already offers 100 applications approved by SugarCRM for production use, including more than 40 solutions available for purchase today.

CUPERTINO, Calif. (October 4, 2006) - SugarCRM Inc., the world’s leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software, today announced the availability of SugarExchange, a marketplace of Sugar community-built applications and extensions for SugarCRM end-users and administrators. SugarExchange offers production-ready community extensions as well as Sugar packages and components to meet all the needs of a Sugar implementation.