Open Source / GPL

Dell Open Source Community Contributions Overview

Dell has officially supported Linux since 1999 with our release of Red Hat Linux 6.1 for PowerEdge servers. In the course of making sure that each successive Linux release that we ship works as well as our customers demand, we have made many contributions to the open source community. These contributions have come in many forms, from hardware donations to strategic organizations, code contributions to the Linux kernel, code contributions to selected userspace utilities, to participation and sponsorship of Linux technical conferences.

Your code might be Free, but what about your data?

RMS understands what ESR rejects, it is not enough that the code is Free, the data, the content has to be Free too. mplayer, bittorrented mainstream content, they are free but they are not truly Free, and they cannot be with the laws as they are. How can we move to a world where the data is a free as the code used to render it?

Tivo and GPL: Beauty and the Beast?

In the ongoing battle between Linux kernel developers and the Free Software Foundation over the future of the GNU Public License, somehow DVR-maker Tivo has become either the whipping boy, or the poster child, depending on whose side you are on. FSF founder Richard Stallman even coined a term for what he sees as misuse of the GPL: "tivoization".

Bringing open source software to schools

Metropolitan, together with the Shuttleworth Foundation, Inkululeko Technologies and the KZN Department of Education, has installed an Open Source computer centre, known as a tuXlab, at the ZamaZulu Secondary School in Pietermaritzburg.

The tuXlabs installation includes twenty new computers, hardware, operating system, application software and curriculum content for the school.

Torvalds should create a better GPL

The anti-GPLv3 position of Torvalds, and now a large cross-section of Linux kernel developers, appears to be hardening. In response to a rebuttal by Eben Moglen, chief counsel for the Free Software Foundation, re-invited the Linux kernel team to engage in the GPLv3 discussion process, Torvalds had this to say:

The GPL is not a compromise

Ever since the word (neigh, rumors) got out about a possible new version of the GPL being worked upon, people have been restless. There were talks about the issues this new version might and should address even before any official announcement was made by the Free Software Foundation that GPLv3 was a possibility. Now that two drafts have been released, there are still talks, people are still fuming about the issues this new version addresses and the way it does so and discussing the need for all the trouble.

Funambol Mobile Open Source Software Enables Mobile Data Access

Funambol release provides custom editions for carriers, enterprises and open source community

Funambol, the mobile open source software company, today announced the general availability release of Funambol v3. The announcement extends the company’s reach to the mass market and puts open source on a collision course with proprietary mobile email vendors in what some consider the next technology battlefield.

Top Linux programmers pan GPLv3

More than two dozen of the most prolific Linux kernel programmers dislike a proposed update to the General Public License, which governs many open-source projects.

Out of 29 kernel coders, 28 rated GPL version 3 as worse than the current GPL version 2, according to results of a survey released Friday. On a scale of -3 to 3, the highest mark was a neutral 0, and the average was -2, according to a posting on the Linux kernel mailing list by Linux programmer and SteelEye employee James Bottomley. The survey was set up by Linux leader Linus Torvalds, who has come out against the GPL update.