Format a USB Device after using Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator

Before getting started, we suggest you Learn Linux Basics and follow these precautions.

Updated: 2019-08-05
Created: 2019-08-05

Using the Ubuntu Make Startup Disk to create a bootable Ubuntu USB stick is one of the best ways to try or install Ubuntu.

However, formatting the USB device afterwards may prove troublesome for some users. This HowTo covers a simple solution if you ever encounter an error formatting the volume.

The Error

This partition cannot be modified because it contains a partition table; please reinitialize layout of the whole device. (udisks-error-quark, 11)

The Solution

Step 1

From your Desktop, open the application search (Super Key), type Disks and launch the application.

Step 2

Select the USB device you want to format.

Step 3

Press CTRL+F.

Step 4

Leave the selected defaults, click format and confirm.

Step 5

After formatting, the drive volume will be unallocated space. Next you'll need to create a partition by using the + button. Default values are fine here, optionally name the device by filling in the field and then click on create.

The device is now ready to used.