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The pendulum has swung in the open source debate

Once upon a time, the term "open source" was coined to save the free-software world from itself. Or, rather, from the free-software zealots, as you can read on the Open Source Initiative's website. Today, I can't help but feel that the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, where we're so self-satisfied with the money we're making off open source that we have neglected the essential freedoms that make open-source profit possible.

Magento to be Distributed Under Open Software License

"Varien is committed to the open source community and in that spirit we are pleased to announce Magento will be distributed under the Open Software License (OSL 3.0), an OSI-approved open source license."

The long hard road to open source

Will Microsoft's new licenses change the way we think about open source? Regular columnist Bill Thompson believes they could.

Asia-Pacific to be the ‘Silicon Valley’ for Open Source

The Open Source movement is creating a new business organization paradigm, which will soon shift the center of software development from Silicon Valley to the Asia-Pacific, including the Philippines, according to a balikbayan technopreneur whose Open Source applications house, Gluecode had been purchased by IBM Corp. in 2005.

Wikia acquires Grub, releases it under Open Source

This morning, during a keynote address at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON), Jimmy Wales announced that Wikia has acquired Grub, the original visionary distributed search project, from LookSmart and released it under an open source license for the first time in four years.

Open source software gets a chance in Russia

CNews found out a pilot open source software project was to be launched in the educational institutions in Tomsk Region and Tatarstan. According to the Ministry of Communication plans, in case of its successful implementation up to the 2009 year end an alternative software package is to be installed in all the Russian schools. The main domestic Linux distributors have got interested in the pilot project.

SourceForge Announces 2007 Community Choice Awards Winners

SourceForge announced the winners of its second annual Community Choice Awards in Portland, OR, at an evening celebration held during the OSCON conference. The awards recognize open source projects that have the most supportive community following, and those that the community’s members believe are built with the highest quality, productivity and ingenuity.

Seven RFID Organizations Support Open-Source

A group of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology organizations today announced their support for the open-source development of EPCglobal-compliant Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) software libraries, which enable EPCglobal UHF Gen 2 communications via the LLRP universal reader-to-network interface.