Open Source / GPL

Zenoss and DLT Solutions Partner to Bring Open Source IT Management Solution to Federal Agencies

Zenoss today announced a new strategic partnership through which DLT Solutions will offer Zenoss’ commercial open source IT monitoring solution to its public sector customers. The addition of Zenoss Enterprise enhances DLT Solutions’ best-of-class software offerings, which includes solutions from Red Hat, Oracle, and Symantec, to federal, state and municipal governments and businesses.

The Culture of Open Source

The spirit of the open source movement operates under the assumption that software’s most valued resource, its code, should be freely available to everyone. Despite the obvious advantages of making code readily available to anyone around the world, there are some cultural differences that complicate the open source movement.

Adobe knocks open-source creative tools

Adobe has embraced open-source software for some products, but its Creative Suite portfolio looks like it will remain proprietary.

Ask MainConcept to release MainActor as Open Source software

MainConcept decided earlier this year to discontinue maintenance and distribution of MainActor Video Editing Software. MainActor was one of the most complete and affordable video editing software available for Linux.

3Com banks on open-source strategy

Speaking at a media briefing in Malaysia on Tuesday, Peter Chai, vice president and general manager of 3Com Asia-Pacific, said the company's open services networking (OSN) platform will enable its customers to create and build relevant applications on top of its hardware offerings. The OSN infrastructure runs on Linux.

Open Source's Next Steps

Last month, Fortune magazine ran an interesting article about how Microsoft got its groove on in the massive Chinese market by striking deals with China's government and how Microsoft's success in China appears to be coming at the expense of Linux and open-source software.

Australia believes OOXML endorsement may be in breach of the Trade Practices Act

The Open Source Industry of Australia (OSIA) has formally contacted Standards Australia, requesting that Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) format not be endorsed by the body as an ISO standard.

BitTorrent Addresses Closed Source Issues

BitTorrent gained prominence in the file-sharing community largely due to its open source nature. What began as an unknown file-sharing client quickly diversified into a vast collection of applications. Developers were able to take the original BitTorrent source code and forge their own creations. The result of this ability includes the development of Azurues, BitComet, Transmission, and of course, uTorrent (micro Torrent).